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Wir wünschen entspannte Festtage und ein schönes Jahr 2021! 




About Us

About Us

GoldenMe ist eine aktive Community für Menschen im Alter 55+, die sich bis an ihr Lebensende aktiv weiterbilden wollen. Unser besonderer Fokus liegt dabei auf der Digitalisierung.



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Frequently asked questions

What is GoldenMe actually?

GoldenMe is an active community for people in retiremtent or who are about to enter retirement. Of course everyone is welcome, but our focus is on people between 50 and 69. We offer - the GoldenMe newsletter - GoldenEvents (conferences, guided tours, social gatherings, etc.) - the possibilty to suggests ideas or projects and to participate in the organisation - the possibilty to get to know other GoldenMembers

How do I sign up for the GoldenMe Newsletter?

Just scroll up and you will find a section with a form to sign up.

Can I talk to you in person?

Of course! Just write a quick mail and we will schedule a meeting! goldenmeinfo@gmail.com

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