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What is the 'Omniversité'?

Due to the current situation, the courses at the campuses of the University of Luxembourg cannot be held as usual.

It is mainly taught online using the WebEx video conference program.

Since the guest auditors are therefore not allowed to take part in the lectures as in the past, a special program with selected courses has been put together for you.


The Omniversité should be there for everyone!

IMG_2183 2.JPG

Which offers:

Participation in the Omniversité courses is free of charge for all participants!

The online and offline offers from GoldenMe will also be available to guest auditors in the coming semester and vice versa.

Johannes and Mara will also help with technical questions that are important for participating in the courses.

Yes, I want to be there!

You will find an initial offer of the available courses by clicking on the PDF symbol below.

The list of courses will continue to be gradually updated with new courses.

We will make sure that you are informed about new courses.

Check out the courses before you sign up.

JOhannesMara welcome day uni lu GoldenMe

Registration process

If you are interested in participating in the online courses, we ask you

Answer the following questionnaire. Registration is only possible online:

Important information on registration:

Please register with your personal e-mail address (not that of the university, if you have already been enrolled)

  • Registration and participation in the online courses are free

  • You do not have to register with the SEVE (Service des études et de la vie étudiante) and you no longer have to pay the usual registration fee of € 50.

After you have completed the questionnaire, the administration of the Omniversité will register you on the Moodle accessible to guest students. 'Moodle' is the internal platform for students at the university, where important information about the courses is shared.

Please note: The registration can take some time, so we ask for your understanding.

As soon as the Open Courses Administration has been able to register you on the Moodle, which is accessible to guest auditors, you will receive an email in which everything else will be explained to you.


You can then enroll in the courses that interest you on Moodle.

There you will also have access to the WebexLinks of the online sessions.

If you have any questions: Do not hesitate and send us your questions

The video conferencing program 'Webex'

In order to take part in the online courses, you need to download the video conference program Webex from Cisco in advance. This is easy and free of charge by clicking on the following button:

For example, if a course takes place on Tuesdays at 3 p.m., you should click on the link sent to you a few minutes before that time. The Webex program that you downloaded earlier will then open and you can take part in the lecture.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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